Custom Beetle, one of a kind! For Sale (1970)

£3,250 - As stated


It seems like I overpriced Woody at £5000, so I've dropped the price to £3500!, this is a very realistic price for this car, due to it's uniqueness...

I'm reluctantly selling my 1970 customised Volkswagen Beetle as i just can't drive it, due to recent back operation 😣 and i want it to go to someone who will drive it and really enjoy it, as it's a really head turning bit of kit!
It is custom built, and has many unique features that i will now list as an accompaniment to the photos....
It has a one off custom paint job that has to be seen to be appreciated (especially in the Sun, where it sparkles!!), most of "Woody's" paint is in good condition , but there are areas where it is showing a bit of age, and a bit of bubbling, but this is normal with age...
It also has a custom Recaro interior with bucket seats in the front that are very comfortable indeed!!
Mountney Wooden effect steering wheel, and Acewell digital speedo (needs connecting), and under dash kill switch meaning that if this isn't flicked to the on position the car won't start, and on that note i have just fitted a brand new starter motor that is nice and powerful....
In the center of the dash is an Xtrons touch screen DVD/CD player with remote control hooked up to a Mutant X amp under the bonnet that powers 2 Infinity reference speakers in the back and 6 in the front, there is a switch on the dash that isolates the back speakers, and also there is a switch for the reversing camera which appears on the screen!, this reversing camera was expertly integrated into the back of the car in between the custom oval split back window.....
Moving down from that is the oval deck lid with freehand finished VW graphics, as there are on the front of the car.
It has U.S style sloped headlights and wide wings front and back, which have 145 Continental tyres on studded rims on the front, and 205 Hero on deep dish rims on the back, where the wheels are slightly cambered, and it is lowered all round and sits meanly!!
..Onto the engine, it's a 1600 twin carb with electronic dizzy, Flamethrower coil, and has an Empi tuckaway exhaust, so it looks very cool from the back, as there is no back bumper, as there is on the front, it looks and works very well!!!
Oh yeah, and if all that wasn't enough, it has special reinforced hinges imported from the U.S on the doors to accomodate....wait for it......suicide doors that are operated by a remote control key fob, keyless access and NO doorhandles, these doors on their own cost a lot to do, but it looks amazing, nothing less....
It's also enameled underneath.
It does need the engine to be given a good service, plugs changed,tuned up etc, and could do with a general service, but i'm not hiding this fact and the price i am asking reflects this, as if it was running perfect and Mot'd then i'd be asking more, and on this note it will need to be trailered away.

"Woody" is a one-off, and very unique head turning Bug, that hasn't been to any shows in years, so you will certainly get plenty of attention should you want it, if not, just enjoy as an example of top quality customisation!!
Thanks very much for taking the time to read this advert, if you've got this far after the extensive description, then you're the kind of person that i'd hope would be interested.......please come and take a look if you are genuinely interested, as i don't have the time for tyre kickers, p**s takers or test pilots, sorry to be blunt, but we all know the score by now people eh?!!

I'd maybe consider a swap for a good retro day van..... Cheers.

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