Rare 86.5 manual S2 with many upgrades SOLD (1986)

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Due to too many cars and not enough storage, I am considering selling this extremely rare 86.5 S2 manual. Perhaps the rarest 928 of all, it was first registered in April 1986 and is one of the last S2 models before the S4 came out, with S4 brakes, suspension, seats, door crash beams and, crucially, the S4 5-speed manual gearbox which is vastly superior to the standard S2 manual box. Any S2 manual is a rare car but there can be hardly any in the UK with this ‘Holy Grail’ 86.5 spec.

I have owned at least ten 928s in the past, including the last-of-the-line GT and GTS models, and I can honestly say that this car feels quicker than all of them due to various subtle upgrades that have been carried out over the years. It is perfectly docile around town with a smooth and easy gearchange and no driveline shunt like you get in many manual 928s at low speeds, but get it out on the open road and it absolutely flies. With perfect 50:50 weight distribution and weighing only 1,460kgs (which is 160kgs less than the S4, or two 12 stone passengers!) it would give a contemporary 911 a good run for its money on B roads and leave it for dead on the motorway.

In fact, the faster you go the better it gets and it has a natural cruising gait of between 90mph – 120mph which is quite frustrating in the UK but massively enjoyable where allowed! Even at these speeds the throttle response is instant and the acceleration is vivid, and there are few cars from this era that could stay with it on the autobahn, and not many modern ones either, bearing in mind that it is not restricted and the owner’s handbook states a top speed of 158mph although contemporary road tests often saw over 160mph. The 0-100kmh time is quoted in the handbook as 6.2 seconds but again this was a bit conservative and testers often got well under 6 seconds.

The chap I bought the car from is a professional car designer and he maintained it fastidiously during his 9-year ownership with invoices and spread sheets showing every penny spent on maintenance and improvements which total over £23,300 between 2008 and 2016, all the work being carried out by specialists he knew through his involvement with the industry. The owner prior to that was also a Porsche fanatic and looked after it religiously during his 4-year ownership.

Being a car designer, the previous owner was also responsible for the retro look which involved removing the front and rear spoilers and the side strips to give it the clean look of the original 4.5 litre cars which was how designer Tony Lapine always wanted the 928 to look. It was treated to a glass-out repaint in the original blue at the same time (Jan 2010) which is recorded in many photos on a CD, plus invoices. A new green tinted windscreen was also fitted and various new rubber window seals and other trim bits. Super rare early 944 Turbo 16” Teledial wheels were also fitted (8” wide rear; 7” front - the same size as on the later S4) shod with nearly new Toyo Proxes tyres (205/55/16 front; 225/50/16 rear).

The engine was rebuilt by the previous owner in June 2007 at around 107k miles and it has only done about 28k miles since, the odometer currently showing just under 135k miles. I have not had this car on the rolling road but it feels more potent than the 310bhp and 295lb/ft that Porsche claimed as standard because it was remapped by JDS Porsche of Cambridge in Feb 2010 at around 118k miles. Dyno readouts on their website show 326bhp and 330lb/ft at 5,500rpm on a similar car with 120k miles on the clock when run on 98 octane fuel (which this car always is). The remap also raises the rev limit from 6,390rpm to 6,550rpm.

Since the remap the fuel injection system has also been fully overhauled and ultrasonically cleaned (three times) in Sept 2013. A lightened aluminium flywheel was also fitted in 2015 so the car positively zings round the rev counter and throttle response is instantaneous at all revs. The engine mounts have also been renewed and a new clutch kit fitted about 5k miles ago. It is always run on Valvoline VR-1 Racing Oil which has been changed every 3,000 miles.

The brakes are powerful and extremely effective with new Sebro discs, Brembo Sport pads and ATE Super R Blue Dot fluid. The handling is equally good with Eibach springs, Bilstein Sport dampers and new polybushes throughout with none of the floatyness that is usually associated with the 928. The steering is pin sharp and precise with a rebuilt rack, new high-pressure hoses and a Porsche sports steering wheel (original also included).

Other work/new parts in recent years include: torque tube rebuilt; new fuel tank cradle; X-pipe sports exhaust which has a great bark but is not too loud; new headlights; two-speed electric cooling fan; new air con condenser and conversion to R134a refrigerant gas; Kenwood digital DAB radio/CD player with Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free facility plus new speakers custom-made by Project Nine etc.

Cosmetically this car is not perfect but it is very good – there are a couple of minor paint blemishes here and there and the cloth on the top of one rear seat is split. Mechanically it is superb and in a different league to the vast majority of 928s out there. It feels tight as a drum with no slop or play to be felt anywhere and it is properly quick with a fabulous ‘old school’ mechanical feel, as you would expect from Porsche’s flagship model of the day.

Surely one of the best and rarest 928s on the market, this 86.5 manual is a massively usable classic still at the early stage of its appreciation curve. If it doesn’t sell here I have probably done myself a favour as it is only going to go up in value in future! All viewings and test drives are most welcome but please only contact me if you are serious about buying and have the funds to complete the deal. Thanks.
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