BMW E34 520i SE Automatic, Original, 51,000 Miles. For Sale (1991)

1991 BMW E34 520i SE Automatic
51,000 miles
Metallic Island Green with Silver-Grey Cloth
4 former owners (2 of which were husband and wife)

For sale is a completely original, unrestored and unmolested example of a 1991 BMW E34 520i SE Automatic with just 51,000 original miles since new. Registered on the 4th October 1991, with 4 former owners -2 of which were husband and wife.

I acquired the vehicle on the 27th December 2014 and was instantly drawn to the car by its originality, with no paintwork carried out and no rust to be found whatsoever.

The MOT history is as follows:
09/11/2006, Pass -no advisories, 40,568 miles
29/10/2007, Pass -no advisories, 40,999 miles
05/11/2008, Pass -no advisories, 42,107 miles
02/11/2009, Pass -no advisories, 42,587 miles
2010 -SORN
2011 -SORN
2012 -SORN
04/10/2013, Pass -no advisories, 43,088 miles
13/09/2014, Pass -no advisories, 43,507 miles
October 2015 - March 2016 -SORN
17/03/2016, Pass -no advisories, 45,400 miles
14/03/2017, Pass -no advisories, 48,613 miles

This E34 was originally purchased new in 1991 by a solicitor, named Mr. Jordan located in Widnes where he was the owner and keeper in the V5 until 2009. Sadly, Mr. Jordan passed away and the ownership was then transferred into his wife, Mrs. Jordan. She kept the car on SORN from 2009 until 2013. Throughout their ownership the car was garaged at all times and this perhaps explains why there is no rust. On the 4th October 2013, the car had an MOT at 43,088 miles and passed yet again with no advisories, I have been informed by the previous owner that this is where the ownership transferred from Mrs. Jordan to the 3rd owner. Unfortunately, there is no history about the vehicle whilst it was in Mr and Mrs. Jordan’s ownership, apart from MOTs and some insurance documents. The 3rd owner then kept the car for just under a year and in this time, less than 500 miles had been covered! He then sold the vehicle to the owner I purchased it from, Mr. Wilson located in Southend-On-Sea. When I purchased the vehicle on the 27th December 2014, it had 43,600 miles, it now has 51,000 miles.

Due to the lack of history about the vehicle, I took the car in January 2015 to my BMW Specialist for a through checkover. They confirmed that the car was a solid example, with no rust to any of the chassis, wheel arches and suspension components. Importantly, they also commented that there has never been any welding carried out. With this reassuring checkover, I asked them to advise me on what should be done on the car other than my instruction to fully service the vehicle (Inspection II), change power steering fluid, anti-freeze, brake fluid and automatic gearbox oil and filter. What resulted was more like a re-commissioning, including: replacing all five tyres, replacing track rod end and wheel alignment, replaced rear differential output seal, replaced both rear anti roll bar drop links, replaced both front lower suspension arms, replaced front brake discs and pads, replaced gearbox oil and filter, replaced water pump and viscous fan coupling, carried out Inspection II, replaced brake fluid, replaced rocker cover and adjusted valve timing, repaired wiring to speedo drive, replaced rear brake discs, pads and hand brake shoes.

During the next year, I set about renewing parts where needed, to maintain the car to an as new standard, maintaining the original example it is today. This included: diagnosing poor radio reception -this resulted in need of a new headunit, I sourced a period headunit and the radio now works perfectly. Replacing drive belts, tensioners, breather pipes to rocker cover and hose, idle control valve, cleaning and re-greasing brakes as required. Six new ignition coils. New remote case. Sourcing a new alarm siren from France and fitting. Another gearbox oil and filter change and a new radiator and coolant flush. New brake calliper and brake fluid change. Replace headlining and rear parcel shelf, -due to the old having loose material. Replacing all of the instrument cluster bulbs. March 2017: New Sachs front shock absorbers, Lemförder rear suspension pitman arms and brake fluid change.

As you can see, during my ownership the car has had everything that needed attending completed and there has been absolutely no expense spared at all. This results in a completely original, unrestored example of a solid, rust-free BMW E34 that are getting increasingly rare to find in this condition. The car drives absolutely superbly and the engine is truly magnificent.

Admittedly, in March 2016, I took the car to my BMW Specialist who completely machine polished the car and gave small areas a touch-up where needed. The only area of rust on the car are the edges on the sunroof, which I have not had done, as I feel it is very small and do not wish to have this painted.

I have all the receipts and history during my ownership, this can be seen in the photos from the link below. I contacted the BMW information line to see whether they could provide me with any additional information about the vehicle, they informed me that the car has been to Halliwell Jones Southport on the 12th August 1999 and the car has also been to Halliwell Jones Warrington on the 16th October 2000, 16th February 2001 and the 12th March 2001. Unfortunately, both these dealerships were unable to provide me with anymore information than this as it seems that they no longer have the records for this age of vehicle.

As you can see from the photos, the car has been looked after and is unmolested. The car looks stunning. The car is approaching 26 years old, therefore it is not in a new condition, but is in a completely original state, with no rust. The interior is in equally as great condition, with no common dashboard cracks or tears to the seats. The carpets are also in an unworn state. The interior still retains the original factory "smell"; with no one ever smoking in the vehicle. The engine bay of the car is immaculate, as can be seen in the photos.

To conclude, you will find it very difficult to find such a low mileage BMW E34 in as great an original condition as mine, with no rust or the care that has been taken in making it the car it is today. For these reasons alone, this is why it is not the cheapest E34.

This is a car for the true BMW enthusiast or a collector.

Here is a link, where I have uploaded in excess of 260 photos of the car: (copy and paste into web browser address bar)

No dreamers, time wasters or canvassers. The amount of people who have been wasting my time is unreal. I will only accept offers from parties who view the car and therefore none by email.

Thank you.
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