Fantastic poptop T25 Camper For Sale (1986)

Hello all. Unfortunately the time has come to part with my lovely Campervan. Time to save for a house deposit.

It is a fantastic VW T25 Camper from 1986. It has an mot and will fly through the next one. The camper has been extremely reliable and I would drive it anywhere. With the older Splitscreens and Bays going through the roof price wise the T25 is increasing in popularity, they may not have the charm of the older models but they are regarded in many circles to be by far the best design and they can be used frequently without the fear of breaking down or having to wear thermal underwear. I have used my camper as a daily driver and on many breaks away with my son and it has been brilliant. Unfortunately time for someone else to enjoy it as I need to save up to buy a house.

The Camper:
It is a 1986 Poptop camper, i imagine it was converted into a camper prior to my ownership but it has been done exceptionally well. The camper has a folder full of receipts, history and Mots and has had a considerable amount of money spent on it by previous owners and myself.
The mileage shows just over 234, 000 miles but it was fitted with a brand new 1.9 watercooled engine through justkampers and has covered under 30,000 since then. Surprisingly the camper is actually very responsive and it keeps up with modern traffic with ease. It has been very very reliable and starts every time, I would drive it anywhere as I often do.

The Bodywork:
Prior to my ownership the camper obviously had a full respray in a fantastic red, this respray wasn't a bog standard blow over it has been done to a very high standard, windows out etc, it looks absolutely fantastic and when polished it has a lovely deep gloss shine, it really does look lovely. The chrome bumpers are in fantastic condition with no pitting or corrosion and again have a great shine to them. It is fitted with empi wheels which look great, there is minor laquer peel but they are in excellent condition and it has two new rear tyres and the front tyres have a lot of tread on them. All the rubbers are in great condition. The poptop roof works as it should with ease and can sleep an adult or two children, the canvas has no rips or tears and it has a window at the front to look out of. The foam mattress is in perfect condition and comfortable.
VW T25'S do suffer from corrosion in the seams between the panels, mine is no exception but it is far better than many and nothing serious at all just minor bublling and surface rust in some areas. Structually the camper is as solid as a rock and having just had a full check over the mechanic said underneath there is no corrosion or rust it is very very solid and clean.
Overall though the bodywork is fantastic and looks brilliant.

The interior is absolutely mint from the front cab all the way back to the tailgate. It has been fitted with a selection of cupboards that have been fantastically designed to store all your camping equipment and a cooker with gas bottle that is included. It has a rock and roll bed in the rear with storage space underneath and to the rear above the engine. The upholstery was professionally fitted and the pictures do not do it justice, it is absolutely spotless and looks fantastic.
It has curtains fitted around all of the windows and sun guards for the front cab too so it really is very dark in there when it needs to be. All of the glass is in great condition too.
The camper has been fully insulated on every panel so it is very warm too. It has a leisure battery fitted and ports to charge phones and run electrical equipment etc.
In the cab area the dash etc is spotless, there are no rips tears to the seats, cracks on the dash, it is spotless.

Absolutely everything works as it should without exception, lights, heating, speedo, clock, everything. It is fitted with a very good sound system with cd player, usb port.

The van is superb mechanically, as previously mentioned I use it on a daily basis and it never lets me down and drives surprisingly well. It really does go.
It is fitted with a great watercooled engine with very low mileage and can be used on a daily basis and for many years to come. In my ownership I have made absolutely sure that everything is working as it should be and replaced, renewed many parts. It has been serviced regularly and has literally just had a full service, oil change, filters etc and health check so it is ready to go.
I have had a new starter motor fitted, a new alternator, new water coolant pipe(the metal expensive one], new clutch and bearing, new water expansion tank, new speedo cable, new coolant, wiper blades, all fluids etc. It has just had a full service, spark plugs, oil change etc and is ready to go. I basically made sure everything is as it should be. It is driving perfectly.

The only fault I know of is that it obviously has a split in a fuel relief pipe, it was like this when I bought it. Basically all that means is that you can only fill it up to about halfway and it has never bothered me. Apparently taking the petrol tank out to do a small job like that is a bit of a chore so I have never bothered. I just fill it up to halfway.

So overall it is an absolutely fantastic camper, it is not mint but in very very good condition. Yes it has some areas of surface rust on the seams and bubbling but it hasn't come though the paint and doesn't detract from its appearance. It looks brilliant when it is polished and shiny which it obviously will be for the new owner. Structurally and mechanically it is excellent and apart from the fault mentioned above I know of nothing that needs doing. I would drive it anywhere it has been very very reliable and isn't that bad on fuel either which is nice.
It really is a great van and my son and I really will be very sad to see it go. I have as have previous owners spent a lot of money on it and it is ready for the new owner to enjoy, make their own and hopefully love and lavish it as much as we have.
I am an honest genuine seller, i have probably missed something but that wont be intentional and I obviously cant account for every stone chip etc. I have always been a vw enthusiast this is my third van, i've had two beetles and when i've strayed away from vw it has always been for classic cars so i cherish and look after them as you need too.
Hope you like the camper, you wont be disappointed, any questions just ask.

Please no time wasters, if you like the camper and would like to see it then please call to arrange a viewing. I am not going to show someone around the van for a couple of hours after i've spent the whole day cleaning it for someone to walk off or offer me thousands of pounds less than the asking price. Its a good price and a lot less than i have in it. Values of t25's are only going one way. That said I am open to offers. Genuine buyers only. If you do want to buy the van please get in contact. I will require a small deposit within 24 hours and then the full balance within a few days. The camper is advertised elsewhere.

Many thanks, all the best
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